European parliamentary elections in Hungary 2014

The European parliamentary election is a one-round list election taking place every 5 years. This is the 3rd EP election in Hungary to date. This election only allows political parties to compete, and the precondition for this in Hungary is for the parties to submit 20,000 signatures of support each to the National Voting Committee (NVB) by 22 April 2014. The allocation of seats takes place in a proportional system referred to as the d’Hondt method. Each Member State is considered one constituency. The candidates receive seats according to the order of the parties in the lists. The EP election in Hungary will be held on 25 May 2014, and the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP), Seres Mária Szövetségesei (The Allies of Mária Seres), Fidesz-KDNP, A Haza Nem Eladó Mozgalom Párt ("Our Homeland is Not For Sale Movement" Party), Jobbik, Lehet Más a Politika (LMP), Együtt-PM and the Democratic Coalition are eligible to compete for the 21 seats available.

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