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Hungarian Parliamentary Election 2018


Which political party do I side with?

Even though many of us have firm opinions on various political matters, we are frequently unaware of which party represents our opinions the best.

What is "Vokskabin"?

Vokskabin is a scientific, non-partisan and impartial online voting aid application whose primary goal, particularly during election periods, is to advise citizens on issues which are socially most relevant and to help point out the differences between the positions of the political parties and our own opinions. This way, users can learn which party or parties lie closest to and farthest from their own set of views.

Who are behind it?

It was started at the joint initiative of Andrássy Egyetem in Budapest and netPOL (Network for Political Communication). Vokskabin's partner project www.politikkabine.at has enjoyed great success so far. There are similar voting aid sites in Germany and Switzerland too.

How does it work?

Via the Vokskabin online voting interface, visitors have the chance to respond to a set of 25 to 30 questions that change from time to time and are relevant in everyday life. It should be noted that vokskabin.hu does not register any personal data and guarantees full anonymity. Based on "yes" or "no" answers, users learn the degree to which their views match or differ from the views of the political parties, which is shown on the site once the set of questions has been completed. Vokskabin familiarises users with current political issues in a straightforward and playful fashion.

Initially, the Vokskabin editorial team, which is made up of political scientists, historians and students of the university referred to above, compiled a set of questions for the general elections that touched on four subject areas: economy, democracy, political culture and internal and external policies. A questionnaire was also prepared for the European parliamentary elections and local elections.

The current questionnaire

Based on "yes" or "no" answers users can gain an impression of their own views and those of the parliamentary parties on issues related to the parliamentary election 2018.

The implementation of the project was supported by generous funding from the German Federal Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt).

Editorial team of Vokskabin 2018:

Dóra Horváth, Fruzsina Iván, Eszter Juhacsek, Lilla Andrea Mátyás, Viktória Muka, Eszter Németh, Mátyás Ökrös, Eszter Sági, Zsófia Székely, Orsolya Szilágyi, Réka Vitályos, Afrodité Fehér, Tünde Darkó, Dóra Ország, Balázs Farkas, Gertrúd Gál, Anita Sipos, Julianna Barta, Péter Keczeli, Dániel Szőllőssy, Alexandra Daám, Wansdronk Maarten, Henriett Kovács, Zoltán Tibor Pállinger, Melani Barlai

If you wish to support the work of Vokskabin, you can donate directly via bank transfer. We request you to state Vokskabin as purpose of payment.

Euro currency account: 10300002-50801163-26304889
IBAN: HU89 1030 0002 5080 1163 2630 4889

Project partners

Andrássy University

netPOL – Network for Political Communication

German Federal Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt)

Cooperation partners

ISA – Institute for Strategic Analysis